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HeatheR M.

Just wanted to let you know that Alana was accepted into every school that she applied to!



I have excellent news!!! Brayden was awarded the $13,000 scholarship! Thank you so much for your help...We are so appreciative.

We help high school students achieve their goal SAT score, so they can receive thousands of dollars in scholarships to attend their first-choice university!

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Free SAT Strategy Session

During your Free SAT Strategy Call, we will build a personalized game plan to help you achieve your SAT goals and reach top 10 score status! As Certified Educators, we would love to provide a winning environment for your greatest SAT success. It starts with a valuable strategy session. We will map out your specific game plan of HOW To Increase YOUR Scores! Whether you are looking to get into the college of your choice, or looking to benefit from scholarship merits, we are here for you.

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We will review your goals and SAT score requirements. Together, we will build a personalized game-plan for you to achieve SAT success!

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You will no longer have to stress over your journey to your SAT goal score. You will have a complete roadmap of next steps to accomplish the SAT score you need in order to get into your first-choice college and receive thousands of dollars in scholarships!

Meet Ms. Tricia -

Certified English/Reading Specialist

Ms. Tricia has 20 plus years in teaching experience! She has helped many students achieve their goal scores AND score in the top ten percentile, 1350 and up, on SAT!

Her results are absolutely AMAZING!

Meet Ms. Tori -

Certified Math Specialist

Ms. Tori has 15 years of experience in tutoring and teaching high school mathematics as a National Board Certified Math Teacher. She is certified by the Collegeboard (the SAT makers) to teach Advanced Placement Calculus. She has coached students to earn a perfect 800 SAT math score!

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